Using Emotion To Sell Online

Pssst…shall I let you into a secret?

Your visitors are human. And, just like you and me, their actions and buying decisions are driven by deep-rooted emotional motivations, backed up by subjective logical reasoning.

So, how can we use this knowledge to help turn prospects to buyers?

Getting your audience emotionally motivated to buy is key and that’s where a basic knowledge of neuroscience can come in useful.

When trying to catch and maintain the interest of your prospect, not only are you competing with a multitude of other distractions, you’re competing with the human brain itself, an incredibly complicated and sophisticated piece of hardware.

As a society, we’ve all grown wary of false promises and boastful claims. But, being human, we also crave positive and uplifting stories that we can identify with.

Neurological studies show that messages focused on rewards (aka benefits) can trigger brain activity which mimics the results of actually experiencing the reward. In other words, presenting benefits in your copy that vividly describe the rewards of your product or service can fool the brain into experiencing those rewards as if they actually happened.

By tapping into the emotional root of your prospect’s needs, you’re priming them to take action.

A good example of the difference between product features and customer benefits is to think of it in terms of music. When I like a particular song, I don’t care how the music was made, the types of instruments used or the equipment used to record it. I listen to the song because of the emotional reaction I receive from listening to it. It’s almost a subconscious, primitive reaction which is hard to describe or define.

So, when trying to come up with benefits of the product or service you’re offering, think of it in the same emotional way. This allows you to identify and react to what the customer is looking for as opposed to selling on product features alone.

As a small exercise, ask yourself what things you look for in the music you buy. What are the benefits you want fulfilled? Ask yourself what are some of the reasons you don’t buy a particular type of music.

The main benefit you’ll get from looking at what you sell in this way is you’ll engage quicker and more emotionally with your prospect. Ultimately this should allow you to close more sales.


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