Why most company “About Us” pages fail

why-corporate-web-copy-failsMy 13 year old daughter would hate me for telling you this, but she has a beautiful singing voice. She often performs mini concerts at home to immediate family and to close friends. Her voice is rich, warm and soulful.

So why is that when she’s asked to sing in front of a “strange” audience, her palms get sweaty, her timing suffers and her voice sounds weaker than usual. No doubt it’s mostly down to nerves, but there’s also a deep-rooted, primitive desire not to make fools out of ourselves or attract negative comments. [Continue reading]

Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic (& How You Can Fix It)


There was a time when the only search engine optimisation you had to do to get to the top of Google rankings for a moderately competitive search term was stuff as many keywords into your website meta tags, get a few links from directories and some … [Continue reading]