What Are The Most Common SEO Mistakes?

Most Common Website SEO Mistakes
There are many common SEO mistakes made today, either through lack of knowledge or by attempts to dupe the search engines. As I’ve harped on, many times before, Google and other major search engines are on a mission to give quality and relevance to their search queries. So it’s up to you to optimise your site as effectively as possible if you want to be found online for keywords that are relevant to your business.

After carrying out numerous SEO audits on a variety of clients’ websites, I discovered many were guilty of the same SEO mistakes. So I thought I’d share with you my list of the most common SEO mistakes, and some recommendations for avoiding them. [Continue reading]

Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic (& How You Can Fix It)


There was a time when the only search engine optimisation you had to do to get to the top of Google rankings for a moderately competitive search term was stuff as many keywords into your website meta tags, get a few links from directories and some … [Continue reading]